Vilnius Full Of Space

This building is just next to history City Walls. Some cool young Lithuanians must have written this up the wall as they have noticed there was full of space :)

Uzupio from City Walls

This photo was taken in a dry ans cold March day from history Vilnius City Wall. You can see a wide area; Theotokos Cathedral (Vilniaus Dievo Motinos Ėmimo į Dangų katedra) , Uzupio, Cross Hill, Market Place, Castle. When summer comes, everywhere is very, very green and you cannot see anywhere from same point. ® , 2014

Castle of Vilnius and Lithuanian Flag

Photo of Vilnius Castle and Lithuanian Flag © Altay K, April 2014

An Abandoned Church in Vilnius Old Town

This is a beautiful old church in Vilnius Old Town. Sadly, it's now abandoned. Taken in April 2014 by © Altay K.

Vilnius Museum of Applied Art and Vilnius Concert and Sport Hall

The buildings in the front are part of Museum of Applied Art ( The Old Arsenal ) and the one on the other side of river is Vilnius Palace of Concerts and Sports, also known as the Sporto Rūmai. It was built in 1971.
Photo was taken from the castle,  in March 2014 by © Altay K.

Vilnius Museum of Applied Art and Neris River

The white building in this photo is Lithuania Museum of Applied Art ( The Old Arsenal ) -  "Taikomosios Dailės Muziejus". This photo was taken in March 2014.

The Museum of Applied art was founded in 1987 in Old arsenal of the Lower Castle.
The Arsenal was built on the initiative of Grand Dukes of Lithuania and Kings of Poland, in the mid 16th century on the Gothic foundations of the former defence-wall of the Lower
Castle.  Photo by © Altay K

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